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Welcome to the Digital section of the Confi-Dance Label. Below are releases and direct links to download our digital only signings. The websites we use are EDM Digital (USA) and (UK), if you have any problems or technical issues using these sites please let us know so the problem can be rectified asap. As this is a digital only venture the music is more experimental and covers the deeper end of the progressive house spectrum, information on submitting demo's to us is on the contact page.

If you have any questions about Confi-Dance Digital drop us a line at
[CONDIG0001] Smight - Caves of Tora Bora
  Download From EDM Digital | City 16 | Release | Xpress Beats
[CONDIG0002] Evrydaydowners - Deeper
  Download From EDM Digital | City 16 | Release | Xpress Beats
[CONDIG0003] Smight - Rainy Night
   Download From EDM Digital | City 16| Release | Xpress Beats
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